HDClone Free Edition

HDClone Free Edition 8.0

Creates,m stores and restores disks and partitions
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Copy large storage spaces on the drives of a personal computer with the dedicated utility. It works with separate partitions or entire disks, external devices, etc. The program creates encrypted backups with an option of restoring them or transferring to external storage.

HDClone Free Edition 3.7.3 is the ultimate released version of this freeware by Miray Software. This software can be downloaded directly from the developer's website by anyone with an Internet connection. We must have local administrator’s rights to execute the program in a computer. This free program is delivered for evaluation purpose, short term, and private use, and it has very basic features. There are another four versions that can tailor our needs much better (Basic, Standard, Professional and Enterprise). If we need more information about these versions, there is a comparison table available from the developer’s website. HDClone Free Edition 3.7.3 has been designed to help us copy our entire hard drive to another location, such a new hard drive for example. From the Main Window, we can select the source mode between drive to drive and image to drive. The other possibilities like partition to partition, image to partition, image to image, drive to partition or drive to image not supported by this version. Next, we can select the source, target, and copying options. Users with WINDOWS 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Server and UNIX/Linux operating systems can create a bootable CD/DVD with this software.

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  • Extremely simple and easy to use
  • Free utility
  • We can move our hard drive content to a new one


  • None
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